From the very first day I started tufting rugs, I found that many people were asking how to repair their broken tufting gun ( or you can call it tufting machine). Once my friends and I were conceiving this website about tufting, writing a blog telling people how to deal with their broken machine came up into my mind.

Problem happens on electric products from time to time, especially products sent from overseas. Tumbling during shipping and violent package picking is the top 2 reasons why you receive a product cannot work. But in some cases, you just connect or use it incorrectly. So in this blog, I am trying to list common problems making your tufting gun raddled.

1 power converter

Before we begin checking the tufting gun, there's one thing we need to check first: power converter.

Do not forget that power converter is also a piece of electric product.

Plug your power converter to make sure the yellow led lights as normal. No led is lighting after you plug in means your power converter is broken, and you should contact your seller ASAP, or you can but a better power converter right here.

2 Power Indicator

Now you know your power converter works. But does the power really transmit to the tufting gun? Fastest way is find the power indicator in the back of the machine. Then, turn on the power switch form 0 to 1, and press the start switch. It is a led light as well, and it clearly indicates machine status.

If you notice that power indicator is off, then there is 99.9% that the power module inside the gun handle has some problems.

FIY, we also sell high-quality power module for your tufting gun.