Nowadays, more and more people begin to tuft and regard it as a recreational activity or hobby. Many families have one or more tufting guns.

For craft lovers, the tufting gun is an excellent helper for making tufted carpets. All the DIY ideas in your mind can be realized by tufting. For me, tufting is a very artistic thing.

For novices, there are many difficulties in the process of starting tufting. This guide shares some tips for using tufting guns for beginners.

How to protect the circuit

The correct opening sequence of the tufting gun should be to turn on the black switch button on the side wall of the tufting gun first. Poke the needle of the tufting gun into the tufted cloth, and then press the red trigger when you are ready to start the operation.

If you press the red button first, and then press the black button, it is easy to damage the motor, destroy the circuit, and reduce the service life of the tufting gun.

Tighten your tufted cloth

When the tufting gun is used for the first time, it is easy for the yarn to not poke into the tufted cloth. This may be a material problem, such as the quality of the tufted cloth is not good enough, and the gap is too large. As I mentioned in the previous article, it is recommended that you use monk cloth.

However, for beginners, it is easy to overlook whether the materials are used correctly. If your bra is not tight enough, the yarn cannot stay on the tufted cloth.\

Pay attention to cleaning the tufting gun needles

If your yarn is knotted or fluffy, continuing to use this yarn may clog the tufting gun. So you need to check the quality of the yarn in advance. Also clean up the excess thread from the needle in time during use. Only in this way can the tufting gun run smoothly.

Add lubricating oil regularly

After using the tufting gun for a period of time, you will find that its operation is obviously not smooth at first. At this time, you need to add some lubricating oil to the tufting gun to ensure that the machine is lubricated. You can choose sewing machine oil.

You need to add lubricant to the square white bearings on the top and bottom of the tufting gun. But be careful not to apply oil to the needle, it may contaminate your tufted cloth and yarn.

If you use the tufting gun frequently, such as every day, it is recommended that you apply sewing machine oil at least once a week. If you do not use it often, it is also recommended that you lubricate your tufting gun at least once a month.

For novices, it is normal to encounter various problems in the process of using the tufting gun. I hope this article can give you some help when you encounter difficulties in using it.

Tufting is a happy process, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish your work.

Later, I will also summarize more tufting techniques to give you more enlightenment.