It is usual for a beginner that watching a tufting gun tutorial but dont understand the exact part or function mentioned in the video or article.


Or, unfortunately, you tufting machine is broken, you can see the top of the tufting gun is curved but all you got is commercial ads like this:



Dont worry, this blog is just for you, especially people who didnt have much tufting experience in the past, or got interested in tufting not long time ago. In this tutorial, you will be introduced with main parts of a tufting gun.


First of all, a conventional tufting machine can be seen as two parts: machine body and handle. The above picture includes the machine body of tufting machine.

  • Part : thread hole. It is used for giving the yarn wire a fixed path so you can tuft more smoothly.
  • Part : pinhead, or you can just call it the needle. The pinhead is considered as the most significant component of a tufting gun. You need to keep it straight and in a good maintained status.
  • Part : rotatable handle. This handle can be rotated in a wide range of degree. In most occasions, you need to use the machine with some angles, and you will more comfortable with left hand.


Next, the handle of tufting gun. You need to know the function of these 3 parts: Power Switch, Start Switch and Speed Adjusting.


  • Power Switch as Part provides power to the machine, as its named. And in the back of  machine body, you can see a power indicator on and in red light.
  • After the start power, you can press Start Switch to initial the machine, just a real gun, in a safety way!
  • The speed of out tufting gun can be adjusted through Part


In brief, these 6 parts are main parts of a tuft machine, and you can LIKE or Save this article to your page folder or sharing to your friends.

Isnt it really simple?

However, if you plan to finish it without any introduction, it may takes you hours like me. Thats the biggest reason why DIY-TUFT exits. We are more than just sharing beautiful patterns and work of tugs to you. We want to estimate every obstacle for every one want to feel the charm of tufting and handcraft.