When I received my first tufting gun and yarn threads, I spent hours trying to get thread across the tiny hole of pinhead. I was thinking: am I bought the wrong yarn?


No, of cause not. Just before giving up, I found the threader in the package:

The cute tool along with the package


This is secret how thick thread pass though the needle hole. And I prepared a picture to illustrate steps you need.

  • Step One: Take threader pass through the needle hole;
  • Step Two: Let yarn thread across the threader;
  • Step Three: Bring the yarn into the needle along with the threader;
  • Step Four: Stop until the thread passes the needle hole completely, and remove the threader.


Isnt it really simple?

However, if you plan to finish it without any introduction, it may takes you hours like me. Thats the biggest reason why DIY-TUFT exits.

We are more than just sharing beautiful patterns and work of tugs to you. We want to estimate every obstacle for every one want to feel the charm of tufting and handcraft.