People who want to tuft their first rug often confused by the types of the rugs. Normally, rugs can be sorted as cut pile and loop pile. This blog will help you recognize differences between them.

Pile is the fiber covers the surface of a rug. The waving of pile includes looping yarns back and forth through the backing. As a result, the way you tufting your rug decides the appearance and durability of your rug.

Cut Pile

As the most pile approach chose by people, cut pile is created when the fiber loops are cut. When they' re cut, the result is an upright pile and the ends of the carpet fibers are exposed. Cut pile carpets come in a wide variety of different lengths, thicknesses, colors and are typically made out of polyester and wool.

The twist of the cut pile makes it keep standing and smoothing. Also, this pile method enables your rug resisting matting and crushing. Therefore, its a better choice if your family has a little baby or your skin is sensitive.

Regarding the disadvantage of the cut pile, it needs a higher maintenance than loop pile, because it is difficult to clean.

Loop Pile

Loop pile is another major method that looks like its name. The fabric on top of carpet surface is a loop. The advantage of loop pile is duration. Usually a loop pile is more durable than cut pile. As a result, loop pile rugs are good choice for stairs and welcome carpet.

On the other hand, compared to cut pile, loop pile gets snagged as well as loose years by years.