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03 Sep Difference between Loop Pile and Cut Pile
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People who want to tuft their first rug often confused by the types of the rugs. Normally, rugs can be sorted as cut pile and loop pile. This blog will help you recognize differences between them.Pile is the fiber covers the surface of a rug. The wav..
24 Aug Tufting tool guide
admin 0 1223
Nowadays, hand-tufting has set off a craze in my life circle. My painter friends are keen on making tufted carpets recently.Under their influence, I also began to try to cultivate this new interest. After coming into contact with tufting, I began to ..
21 Aug Tutorial(2 ): How to get the thread across the small hole of pinhead?
admin 0 1103
When I received my first tufting gun and yarn threads, I spent hours trying to get thread across the tiny hole of pinhead. I was thinking: am I bought the wrong yarn? No, of cause not. Just before giving up, I found the threader in the package:The cu..
20 Aug Tutorial (1): Identify different parts and components of the tufting gun
admin 0 1771
It is usual for a beginner that watching a tufting gun tutorial but don’t understand the exact part or function mentioned in the video or article. Or, unfortunately, you tufting machine is broken, you can see the top of the tufting gun is curved but ..
17 Aug Why suggest you try to make a tufted carpet yourself
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"Tufting" is an ancient textile weaving technique, usually used to make clothing or carpets. In the 19th century, tufting technology was widely used in carpet weaving. In the 1950s, printing and jacquard tufting began to be popular in European and Am..
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